Pretty platters

 Make your table cheerful & bright with these pretty platters in different shapes & sizes.

                                                      leaf platter P75

                                                     sundae plate (SOLD OUT)

                                               pumpkin platter P75 (SOLD OUT)                              

                                                    butterfly dish (SOLD OUT)                    
                                                   chef plate P115 (SOLD OUT)

                                   ice cream bowl P75 each, P149 set of 2 (SOLD OUT)

                                            ice cream platter 5-pc. set P130 (SOLD OUT)
hooters t-shirt platter P49

                                                      fish dish P75 (SOLD OUT)

                                               chili platter P75 (SOLD OUT)

                                                   chili platters P75 (SOLD OUT)



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